Saturday, March 16, 2013


After 2 years on my kayak, I finally upgraded to a boat.  I perused for months until this guy popped up and I jumped on it, picking it up last weekend.

It's a mere 14 ft long (that's actually shorter than my kayak!) and should only draft a few inches so I'm going to be fishing in similar places as my kayak, but I see several large benefits.
  • I'll be able to spend more time fishing instead of spending half my time paddling to spots. 
  • I'll be able to take someone with me and guide them onto fish.  
  • I'm really hoping the higher vantage point will help me spot fish, particularly in the cold months when the fish aren't so active.
  • Sitting in a kayak for hours gets really uncomfortable.
Pretty much it's going to be a redfish machine.

Took it out briefly this past week and practiced poling, which by the way takes some getting used to.  Its slightly counter intuitive.  Next time I go out I'll take some better pictures, hopefully some fish as well.