Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorite Fly Fishing Links

Here is a list of my favorite fly fishing blogs and online magazines:

Fish Porn:  www.fishpornfix.com - This blog was created by my friend from Michigan who currently lives in Miami.  It has lots of awesome fly fishing videos.  He usually posts a few times a week.

Salt Nut's Crazy Fly:  saltnutscrazyfly.blogspot.com - This is my roommate.

Frontside Fly:  www.frontsidefly.com - More fly fishing video.  These guys are hilarious. 

Catch Magazine:  www.catchmagazine.net - This is an amazing online magazine of fly fishing photography.  And its free.  Every time this comes out its like Christmas.

This is Fly:  www.thisisfly.com - Another free fly fishing magazine with articles and pictures.

These are my faves.  Comment if you've got some more I might like.

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