Saturday, October 8, 2011

In Pursuit of Tailing Redfish

I've been looking for tailing redfish every night since I first saw them on Tuesday.  I still haven't caught one, but fortunately white trout have kept my evenings from being completely unsuccessful.  I have now found tailing redfish in several locations, and I'm on a mission to find more places where they consistently tail (and maybe catch a few).  One thing I find odd is that I have now seen redfish tailing right next to the Lake Mars boat launch, and there are always tons of people fishing there, but either nobody notices the redfish or nobody cares about them.  They just sit there with their bait in the water waiting for something to happen (which is actually probably more effective than what I do).  I guess I just prefer to hunt fish rather than letting them come to me, which apparently makes me a weirdo around here.

No redfish yet, but some beautiful sunsets:

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