Friday, November 4, 2011

Grand Bay NERR Expedition

I am planning a kayaking and fishing expedition to the Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve this weekend.  This is one of the few parts left of the Mississippi coast that is uninhabited and pristine, and I am very excited to visit this place again.  I went there last winter in search of redfish and came back empty handed, but it is an awesome expanse of water and grasses with endless creeks and bayous to explore.  This year is going to be different.  I did some homework:

Hopefully these maps will at least lead me to some spots to key in on.  Fish do like oysters and seagrass right?  Expect trophy shots in next week's follow up post...  Or if I don't post anything it probably means I got skunked... 

If anybody reads this and has fished here before (highly unlikely I know), I could use all the help I can get, so kindly leave me a comment with some advise.


  1. Looks like it should be a good trip. Good luck!

    I'm itching to make it back home and get some fishing in over Thanksgiving break.

  2. Sounds like a fantasy trip to me- kayaking is my other love, and combining it with fishing makes it that much better. Can't wait to see this one. You're going in my blogroll tonight.