Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Year

Hard to believe, but I have now been blogging for over a year.  At almost 50 posts, I've made it farther and posted more often than I ever imagined.  It has been fun, and I really like having a record of my fishing expeditions from the year.  But I think what I've enjoyed most of all is being exposed to the many other fishing blogs that are out there.  I love reading about other people's fishing adventures and seeing just how many different fishing experiences are out there, waiting for me to give them a try.  If you're a fellow blogger, I hope you've enjoyed reading my posts for the past year - I've enjoyed reading yours!

In case you've just started following recently, here's a few of my favorite posts from my first year of blogging.

Trade Off

Tearin' It Up

Fly Fishing Horn Island

January Kayak Fishing

Drum Beat

Fly Fishing Pensacola - Day 2

Fly Fishing in Mississippi: Two Weekends on the Barrier Islands

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