Sunday, February 3, 2013

A New Goal

Its been a rough start to my goal of catching fish other than redfish. Ever since Alex over at The Flying Kayak posted about catching false albacore (also known as little tunny or bonito), I've been very interested in giving it a try. I got my chance a couple weekends ago on a trip to Pensacola, but despite spending long hours at the beach, my friend and I never even saw any False Albacore. My only action was a pair of fish - I'm guessing reds or black drum - that ignored my fly and spooked after I spotted them in waist deep water. It was rough putting in that much effort without even finding any fish, but I know it'll pay off another time.  Besides, it really wasn't that rough looking at this water in the middle of winter.

One of the other fish I've been thinking about is the tripletail. Tripletail like to hang out under floating objects such as crab trap floats and eat shrimp (at least from what I've read or been told). One of the methods I've heard is to use a shrimp pattern under a foam indicator (like for trout) in order to keep the fly high in the water column. Last summer I got the opportunity to see local fishing guide Rick Lauman talk about fly fishing for tripletail at a HOSSFLY meeting (HOSSFLY is the Historic Ocean Springs Saltwater Fly Fishing Club - I am a not very active member). Instead of using an indicator to keep the fly up, he ties a neutrally buoyant shrimp pattern.  I wish I would've taken better notes, but I've begun attempting my own neutrally buoyant shrimp fly.

Not the prettiest fly in the world...
The body is made of craft foam, and I tied part of a paper clip to the shank to add some weight. Then  I used sili legs instead of the traditional hackle. Testing it in a glass of water, it has suspended a couple inches below the surface although much more buoyant at the tail than at the head.  I'll have to experiment a little more to get it level and slightly deeper.  Fortunately, tripletail don't move inshore until the spring so I've got some time.

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  1. Good luck with the fly. Especially now I wouldn't mind that ocean view. It dumped another 3 inches of snow on us last night.