Monday, May 27, 2013

It's On

Remember that post I made a month ago about how the redfishing was going to turn on any day?  Well that day has passed us. It's on.

Aaron and I took off after work last week for a little redfishing in the vast Pascagoula River Marsh. We weren't sure what to expect as it is an area we had only explored briefly before. Almost within sight of the launch I cast at the first fishy looking disturbance. Immediately a redfish blew up on the fly, managing to avoid getting hooked. After that, we knew it was going to be a good day.

Over the course of the first hour as we poled through a deep channel with shallow edges. The fish were there, but they kept popping up out of the channel only to disappear again when we approached. It was tough, but things would get better.

We moved on to a spot that looked extremely promising on satellite images. It was awesome. There were redfish in every direction. It was literally a matter of picking which one to go after.

In total we had 6 or 7 eats, with 5 hooked and 3 landed. With the number of fish targeted, we didn't have a great success rate, but I think we are still figuring out the differences between fishing from a flats boat vs. from a kayak. For one, with the high profile, the fish spook much more easily, so you have to stay further away and make longer casts from the boat. We spooked a lot of fish by getting too close. But overall it was an awesome, action packed day, no matter how many fish were landed.

If you live on the Gulf Coast, its time to get out there!


...and looking for the next one!

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