Monday, March 26, 2012

Any Redfish is a Good Redfish

A friend and I managed to spend a good amount of time on the water this weekend and were rewarded with a few redfish.  My buddy also managed to land his first redfish on the fly.  Friday evening involved stalking redfish in a marsh near my house from the kayaks. It was tough fishing, with spooky fish and absolute swarms of mosquitoes, but I managed one decent red on my go-to fly, a chartreuse Clouser minnow.

Blue Tail
On Saturday, we took the ferry to Ship Island where we sightfished some rat reds from the beach and got sunburned.  The fish were super aggressive and it was a blast to watch them chase and eat the fly.

First redfish on the fly
We were more or less satisfied until we saw two guys walking down the beach dragging huge stringers of redfish.  Each stringer had three reds that were probably just below the upper slot limit - way bigger than the reds we had caught.  They kindly told us where they had been fishing so we quickly hiked over there and fished for about a half hour before literally running back to catch the ferry.  We didn't hook up with anything, but I watched a big bull red swim about 10 feet from me before spooking.  It left us with an overwhelming feeling of 'what if'.  In the end, I had to remind myself, any redfish is a good redfish.

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