Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Fly Fishing Movie

I just became aware that there is a movie coming out in a few days that is fly fishing related:  Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.  It has Ewan McGregor using a spey rod, so its gotta be good - I'm sure he's a natural after all of that light saber training.  It is only opening in select theaters so I probably won't be able to see it any time soon, but hopefully some other bloggers will see it and report back.

This is the second semi-mainstream fly fishing movie to come out in the past couple years.  The River Why, which is based off of one of my favorite books, came out a couple years ago but to my knowledge never made it in theaters.  Now it's available on dvd and blu-ray from the website for around $20 or from Amazon for $12.  I haven't bought it yet because I'm a cheapskate, but I'd like to watch it at some point.

I just thought other fly fishermen might want to be aware of these movies.  So much of fly fishing culture these days is focused on videos, but these feature films have been generally ignored.  Who knows, maybe one of these will rival A River Runs Through It.


  1. Thanks for sharing---I just found out that all one can get all these movies from Netflix. Got to watch!!

    1. Awesome, I didn't realize they were on netflix, that is convenient! Let us know how you like them!