Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colorado 'Bows: Day 1

Well I'm finally back writing a blog post again.  Or as a kind friend pointed out, its really just a journal entry if no one reads it.  I'm going to blame my absence on Tropical Storm Lee, catastrophic knee failure, and alien abduction.  In other words, I haven't been fishing much recently.  Fortunately, I finally got my hands on the pictures from my trip to Colorado back in May so I'm going to write about what I can remember from that.

My buddy (who just got married a few weeks ago) wanted to include some fly fishing in his bachelor party, so he decided to make everyone fly out to Colorado (oh darn!).  We stayed at his uncle's condo in Frisco.  Frisco is a very cool town that is pretty much surrounded by mountains.  This was the view from the condo.
People in Colorado are spoiled...
Oh yeah, and Colorado is cold in May.  It was kind of a shocker coming from Mississippi.  Anyways... the fishing.  The three big fly fishers in the group decided to get a guide for one of the days.  I generally don't like getting a guide - its kind of like cheating - but it was probably the only way we were realistically going to get into some fish coming into an unfamiliar area without doing a whole lot of research.  The fishing was very different from most of the trout fishing I've done.  I'm used to standing in the middle of a small stream, casting a dry fly or nymph upstream towards a likely looking spot.  If I don't get a strike after a few drifts, I move on.  I almost never cast to visible fish.  Here, I was usually standing on the bank, and I was chucking multiple fly rigs with split shot and strike indicator (you can't really cast that).  Often times fish were visible, and I could get as close as 10 ft from them.  Finally, I would drift through the same spot what felt like a hundred times before moving on, and the fish often hit after numerous drifts.  I think this is because these fish will not move very far for their food, so the drift needs to be absolutely perfect, with the fly hitting the trout on the nose.  I'm not a huge fan of this kind of fishing, but I'm okay with it every once in while if I can catch fish like this:

A nice bow from the Blue River in Colorado
It probably wasn't an amazing day by Western standards, but I managed to catch three rainbows in their upper teens (the biggest was 19"), which I've certainly never done in Michigan.  It was great day on the water, and the scenery was nice, but to be honest I was expecting more.  We fished a little too close to Frisco and the surrounding roads for my taste.  

A nice, but not spectacular, view of the Blue River

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