Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poppers and Mullet

My outings this past weekend have gotten me excited about a couple of things.  First of all, that was the first time I'd fished with a surface fly since I moved down here, and I am seeing some huge potential.  Secondly, accidentally catching that mullet got me thinking about actually targeting them.  I did a quick google search and discovered that fly fishing for mullet is quite popular in England and can be done here as well!  I get the idea you just drift tiny green or brown flies that look like algae or bread crumbs.  Anyway, I just ordered some more poppers and some mullet flies from Miller's Fly Shop, and I cannot wait for them to get here so I can give them a try.  I am excited about the poppers, but I might be even more excited about the mullet.  This whole mullet fishing idea could be huge - mullet are absolutely everywhere, the one I hooked this weekend fought pretty hard for its size, and they taste good!

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