Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saturday Doubleheader

I managed to squeeze in some fly fishing this past weekend around all the football I watched.  I waded off the beach for a couple hours Saturday morning and a couple hours Saturday night.  Nothing spectacular, but I brought my camera with me and took some pictures of my unspectacular fish.

I went down to the Lake Mars launch about 7:30 am (I'm not the best at getting myself up early for fishing), and the pier was full of people, but I had the adjacent beach all to myself.  On a side note, Tropical Storm Lee changed the beach quite drastically.  The waves and 2 ft storm surge broke down the beach and made it wider, more gently sloping, and actually much nicer to walk on.  Within a short period of time, I managed to catch a few flounder and a small redfish by simply blind casting and casting to visible boils with a pink and tan Clouser type fly (I think it has another name, but I can't remember).  The fishing cooled off as the sun got higher.

The little redfish are prettier anyway...

More pictures and words after the jump:

What!?  Two eyes on one side?

In the evening, I went over to East Beach in Ocean Springs - the bugs by Lake Mars can get really bad at night.  There was a lot of surface action, so I put on a Zoo Cougar (I know, best name for a fly ever). 

Zoo Cougar

I don't know if people actually use Zoo Cougars down here on the coast - it might be a northern fly - but its the only thing close to a popper that I have right now.  I got a hit on the first cast and started thinking it was going to be an awesome night.  A few casts later, after a third hit, I  hooked up with a fish, but after a very strange and quite energetic fight, I realized it was a mullet hooked through its back!  I can only assume that I managed to snag it in my effort to set the hook on what was probably a speck.

Mullet on the fly.  kind of...

After that I only got a couple more hits - my Zoo Cougar started to sink, and apparently they didn't like it as much.  The end result is I didn't actually catch a legitimate fish, so now I am hungry to try some more popper fishing.

And I leave you with this...

Hey, self portraiture is hard.  

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